You can’t hide from responsibility

March 9, 2018

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Although I’m sure he wasn’t talking about insurance at the time, it points out the importance of insurance and planning ahead.

Take a moment to stop and think about insurance. Why does it exist? What is its purpose? Believe it or not, there is actually a much better reason for insurance than getting in trouble if you are caught driving without it. From auto insurance, to home insurance, to life insurance, and commercial insurance, these products exist to protect you and your family from financial heartache!

The driver who hits a patch of black ice and totals their car, and crashes into others; Auto insurance helps cover the cost of damages. The recently widowed mother with a mortgage and a car payment; Life insurance keeps the family in their home. The small business owner who is getting sued because someone slipped and fell in their store. Commercial insurance helps pay for costs. In all of these cases, planning ahead and obtaining the proper insurance helped tremendously, not only financially, but with peace of mind as well.

Now, think for a moment if none of these examples had insurance. The driver doesn’t have the money to pay for any of the damage. Not only can the driver not pay for damage to anyone else, but loses their car and can’t get to work to make money to help pay! The recently widowed mother, without the help of life insurance, falls behind on home and car payment and loses both, on top of losing her husband! The small business owner gets sued, and loses his business because they can’t afford all the legal fees, on top of what they may owe the customer who fell. All three examples learned the hard way about what Abraham Lincoln said. You cannot hide from tomorrow’s responsibility by not planning for it today!

Even though these are three made up examples, unfortunately situations like this occur every day. Remember, you cannot plan ahead after an event has already happened. Thinking about different types of insurance may seem overwhelming, or, in the case of life insurance, you may not want to talk about it at all.

Luckily for you, we have a team of great agents who can help walk you through the process, and help find the best policies that fit your needs. So please don’t sit back thinking you’ll “get to it tomorrow” or “I’m too busy” or “it’s too expensive” because you never know when you may need it. That’s what planning ahead is all about.


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